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An efficient and reliable tool designed as a drum sampler for creating and fine-tuning all of the percussive elements in any production

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BATTERY is a comprehensive drum-sampling application, providing you with the necessary tools to adjust and tune percussion instruments in an audio file.

Insert ready audio kits to get started

The program allows you to work with the pre-existing audio kits. By loading any of them, the main window will display a series of cells – the 'Drum / Sample Matrix' with each cell holding up to 128 samples. You can also use additional drums and sound effects from the 'Cell Library'.

Work with cells to apply sound effects

The 'Edit Pane' enables you to map audio samples within a cell, as well as add 'Modulation', 'Filtering', 'Dynamics'  features or set up loop points for a specific sample. Furthermore, you can adjust the 'Pitch' or assign outputs, thus allowing for full customization of your drum kit.

Control master volume, loop samples, and edit audio settings

Another interesting feature is the 'Master Volume Control' that allows you to set the general level for all outputs in a kit, by offering information about an over-loaded mixer channel. This in turn allows you to lower its value and prevent any sound distortions.

BATTERY allows you to loop audio samples on user-defined points, until 'Key Release' or 'End of Envelope', while also enabling you to set the 'Start', 'Length', 'Tune' and 'X-Fade' values. From the 'Modulation' section, users can adjust the 'Frequency' values and 'Fade In' duration, or set the 'Volume' and 'Pitch Envelopes'.

Moreover, the 'Effects' function enables you to adjust the 'Lo-fi' Bits and Hertz, increase or decrease the 'Saturation', or simply set the preferred values for the 'EQ / Filter', the 'Compressor' or the 'Inverter'. Using the 'Browser' component, you can explore files on your computer as well as databases containing samples or instruments, simplifying the management of such files.


BATTERY is a professional drum sampler, offering numerous advanced functions and configuration settings, but it can prove difficult to understand by beginners, as many of its components require previous experience in order to be handled correctly.

BATTERY was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 25th, 2014
BATTERY - This is the ultimate drum sampler for creating and fine-tuning all of the percussive elements in any production.BATTERY - Here is how using the tool you can add a sample, replace one or even add another cell.BATTERY - The Edit menu allows you to cut the cells, copy or edit them and also randomize them.BATTERY - The View menu allows you access to the mapping page option and to 
the loop page.BATTERY - The Setup menu allows you to add as many voices as you want and modify the sound parameters.BATTERY - Here is how you can see the wave paterns and also modify them to fit your requirements.BATTERY - Selecting the Loop option allows you to do majot modifications and here is how you can do that.BATTERY - Altering all kinds of effects is something that the option Effects alows you to easily do.BATTERY - EQ/Filter, Compressor or Limiter are just a few of the settings here, in the Master small option.BATTERY - Blurparking lot or Mad Neighbours are some of the options you can use from here.BATTERY - Interface, Sample Rate and Output device can be altered from here.

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