BeatSpin for Windows 8

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A fun and easy to understand application for Windows 8 whose main purpose is to help you create your own music tracks from scratch

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BeatSpin is an interesting and fairly simple to handle piece of software developed specifically for systems running Windows 8 as an operation system, whose main purpose resides in helping you create your own tracks.

Clean and intuitive looks

The application features an appealing and user-friendly interface, offering several components that can assist you in your music making endeavors.

Right-clicking in the main window reveals the available sets of instruments and the play modes you can use, also letting you save the created file to your computer.

Pick your instrument set and adjust each one’s volume, then begin making music

To get started, you should select the instrument theme you wish to work with, opting between ‘80’s Drum Kit’, ‘Roland TR-808’, ‘Cats and Dogs’ or ‘Human Beatbox’, each comprising a different series of sounds.

In terms of play mode, you can opt between ‘Single Sweep’ and ‘Scatter Sweep’, after which you can begin defining the notes of your song by clicking on the dots on each circle (which represents an instrument), the active ones acquiring a brighter color; to deactivate them, you can just click them a second time.

You can use up to nine different instruments, in any combination you like. Moreover, BeatSpin offers you the ability to adjust the audio volume of each individual object, ranging between 0 and 11 for each one, so you can configure it according to your preferences. You can then click on play and listen to the generated sounds.

Once your track is complete, you can save it to your computer, to a default location. Unfortunately, you cannot choose the destination folder or the output format, and you cannot access them from an independent media player, only from BeatSpin.

A handy audio track maker

In conclusion, BeatSpin for Windows 8 proves to be a fun and attractive program aimed mainly at music enthusiasts with a minimal level of knowledge in the field, as to offers you the ability to make your own music with minimal effort.

BeatSpin for Windows 8 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
BeatSpin for Windows 8 - The main window of BeatSpin for Windows 8 allows you to add the notes you want and choose the instruments' setBeatSpin for Windows 8 - After creating a track, you can save it to your computer under a preferred name, to a default locationBeatSpin for Windows 8 - The program features individual volume control for each instrument, enabling you to set it at the preferred level

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