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Real-time sound processing and enhancing solution featuring several audio presets and easy to understand interface and configuration settings

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Most users don’t realize that the sound coming from their computer is not the best that can be and that some third-party utilities can bring it to a finer quality.

Breakaway is specifically designed to interpose between the soundcard and all the sound generating applications. Basically, it catches the sound produced by an application on the computer, processes it and then sends the improved audio to the output device.

Initial configuration

Immediately after installation the program pops up a guide that takes you through the a brief configuration process that sets Breakaway up in order to work properly and makes it the default playback device.

This initial step should not worry less experienced users because the developer included a wizard-driven interface specifically for making the proper initial settings in the application.

The wizard guides you through all the details (selecting the soundcard, setting a buffer size) and provides the possibility to test the settings before applying them.

Main application window

The main interface also features some sound options of its own, allowing you to view the sound frequencies as well as change to a different mode, more appropriate either to the audio content.

All sound presets available in the application can be altered in terms of compression range, ratio and speed as well as the level of bass boost and the frequency range of the level adjustment.

If you want to check the improvements of the Breakaway processing there is the possibility to stop the active audio enhancement and listen to the sound untouched. Furthermore, two oscilloscopes show both the original and the processed sound, for comparison purposes.


Brakaway does not require any knowledge about sound and how it is processed as the modifications can be noticed clearly. It is not complicated and there are sufficient audio presets available to cover the needs of most users.

Breakaway was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 13th, 2014
Breakaway - This is the main windows of the application that allows you to view the sound settings and to change the power, the range or the bass boost.Breakaway - The Breakaway Audio Setup Wizard helps you to change the advanced audio settings of the application.Breakaway - You can also use the Wizard to set up the program and it will guide you through all the steps.

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