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Make and play Karaoke songs on your PC. Rip & Burn CD+G for Karaoke machines
DART Karaoke Studio CD+G - This is DART Karaoke Studio CD+G's main window where all the features are easily accessible.
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DART Karaoke Studio CD+G is a karaoke software that allows you to create, edit and play karaoke audio files.

Main features:

  • CD-Recorder Basic: Makes it easy to capture any music, analog or digital, to use for your custom Karaoke. Rip CD+G tracks. Burn CD+G tracks from the playlist. (Karaoke Studio CD+G only.
  • DART DeVocalizer: Removes the main vocal performance from commercial stereo recordings. All processing happens during playback. Adjust the settings then hit PLAY to hear the DeVocalized results.
  • DART Karaoke Author: Import, edit and synchronize lyrics to the music you hear. Its as simple as tapping the space bar to the music. Then slide a FLAG indicating the Word or Phrase you want to synchronize back and forth along the musics waveform. Also customize fonts and colors and add stratup images in CD+G.
  • DART CD+G Track Generator: Customize the graphics with: Color Selections, Number of Verses, Font Type & Quality, Hi-lite Modes, Refresh Style, Presentation Style, Track lead-in graphic selections.
  • DART Karaoke Wizard: The onscreen guide will assist you step by step to custom Karaoke. When you know what youre doing you can banish the Wizard from your screen.
  • DART Karaoke Player: Heres where you control the fun. Select a Karaoke track youve made and play it using the familiar controls. As the lyrics roll by you can practice the words, sing along and record your own version.
  • DART CD+G Player: A player that plays CD+G tracks with full audio and graphics capability. Play tracks that have been ripped from CD+G or newlly created CD+G tracks.
  • DART Karaoke Producer: Allows you to mix your own performance (recorded at the PLAYER screen) with the original original recording, with or without the original artists main vocal performance.

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DART Karaoke Studio CD+G

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13 Screenshots
DART Karaoke Studio CD+G - The Karaoke menu allows you to access options like DeVocalizer, Producer and Playlist.DART Karaoke Studio CD+G - From this window of DART Karaoke Studio CD+G you can start a new learning session wizardDART Karaoke Studio CD+GDART Karaoke Studio CD+GDART Karaoke Studio CD+GDART Karaoke Studio CD+GDART Karaoke Studio CD+GDART Karaoke Studio CD+GDART Karaoke Studio CD+GDART Karaoke Studio CD+GDART Karaoke Studio CD+GDART Karaoke Studio CD+G
What's New in version 1.4
  • NEW A new, updated DeVocal tool featuring better controls for more successful vocal suppression. If you thought using DeVocal was fun before, the new version will astound you. Tracks that previously only produced 'so-so' results should be able to be made much, much better with the use of new powerful controls over the DeVocal filter (see more on this, below).
  • NEW A new "one-step" synchronization mode was introduced for setting timing flags when creating new karaoke projects. This new 'mode' allows you to start at the "Word" level much more easily. In many cases, you will only have to set your flags in one 'pass' of the audio. The current two-step mode (synchronization of lines followed by synchronization of words) is still available.
  • Note: You do not have to do anything to turn on, or enable, this "one-step" mode. The Karaoke Author utility will simply work that way at all times when placing timing flags for your lyrics.
  • NEW The In-program Help files have been updated to the HTML Help file standard. This will make using the in-program Help systems far easier to search and use.
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