Dynamic Audio Normalizer

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A lightweight library and command-line tool which you can use to apply a custom amount of audio normalization to a given recording

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Whether it’s because you used the wrong kind of microphone, or you experienced some technical difficulties, some audio recordings end up with a rather poor quality. Dynamic Audio Normalizer is a tool designed to help you enhance the audio signal of a track by adding a predefined or custom amount of gain.

A tool for advanced users

Dynamic Audio Normalizer comes as a library and a command-line tool, both of which are intended to be used by people who have some experience with programming, as well as the command-line environment.

Using the command-line instance, you won’t be enjoying the simplicity of a graphical user interface, but will be invoking various commands that will perform the entire process. It relies on a simple string that tells the application which is the source file and where to place the newly created one.

Even though the way Dynamic Audio Normalizer works might not necessarily be user-friendly, it still is easy to handle as you only have to write a small amount of text. Additionally, the application provides the usual help command which explains the options you have.

Not really a basic tool

Dynamic Audio Normalizer works by separating the audio into small pieces of roughly 500 milliseconds (which can be adjusted), analyzes each one until it detects the maximum possible gain and applies an overall value which has the effect of harmonizing while avoiding clipping or any kind of distortion.

Besides a powerful algorithm, Dynamic Audio Normalizer provides configuration options such as Gaussian filter window size, target peak magnitude, channel coupling, DC bias correction, maximum gain factor and frame length.

A fast and practical audio normalizer

To sum things up, with Dynamic Audio Normalizer you don’t get a user interface, but that ultimately means that there will be one less thing to slow it down, but you do get a simple and straightforward means of applying just the right amount of gain to an audio file.

Dynamic Audio Normalizer was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 6th, 2015
Dynamic Audio Normalizer - Dynamic Audio Normalizer enables you to normalize an audio recording using the Command Line interface.Dynamic Audio Normalizer - The application provides the means to create a log file of the entire process ,as well as set the target peak.

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