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Play musical notes, chords and drums using your personal computer's keyboard with the help of this easy-for-use piece of software

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The Electronic Piano application provides you with a simple MIDI musical instrument to play and play with or create music. First things first though, the program does not run on newer versions of Windows, starting with Vista and thus, the interest for its features goes down each and every day.

Electronic pianos have been built in Italy and Japan in the 1970s, but they never have replaced the acoustic as well as the electric pianos. The 1980s have marked the start of the fall and soon they have been replaced by the more affordable yet better digital pianos and polyphonic synthesizers. The flagship of them consisted of the Kurzweil K250 legendary synthesized piano.

While these still develop and are widely used by musicians, electronic pianos seized to exist many years ago. Maybe that’s why the Electronic Piano software’s development has stopped, thus limiting the amount of potential users. The interface of the program is not that great either, while the delay between pressing the key and the sound being generated within your speakers is deeply disappointing.

You can strive to find something cool about Electronic Piano, but you may easily find out yourself that even a presumptively large number of available musical instruments, 128 to be more specific, is nothing short of terrible as long as you can’t actually use them due to that despicable delay.

In fact, any given feature of the software, whether it holds 47 drum sounds or the possibility of playing seven instruments simultaneously, everything pales when the overall usability borders the inexplicable.

Electronic Piano may have been a great project back in the day; however, its functionality and compatibility issues throw it off the map and directly into the bucket of useless software. One way or the other, this particular application shares the fate of its muse – the electronic piano.

Electronic Piano was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on June 30th, 2015
Electronic Piano - The application's main window allows users to start creating notes fast, as well as to choose what notes should be playedElectronic Piano - The Program menu provides uses with the possibility to Silence all notes and to select the MIDI out deviceElectronic Piano - The Edit Chord window allows users to select the chord note and to modify the chord configurationElectronic Piano - screenshot #4Electronic Piano - screenshot #5

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