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Creating music is not a job for anyone but with a bit of talent some people can achieve great results. Not the same can be done in the case of music scores, which require plenty of knowledge and imagination.

Finale NotePad is designed for the professional musician who seeks a simple and effective way to create music. It allows building up scores for multiple instruments and playing the result along the way.

Quick install and initial preparation

The installation process should run quick and without a glitch. Launching the product for the first time initiates a configuration wizard for the musical document.

This consists in providing a title and the name of the composer, defining the page format (portrait or landscape) as well as adding the instruments that are going to be used for rendering the music piece.

The set up ends with the selection of a time signature, the key of the concert and the number of measures.

Creating music

With all the necessary preparations complete, the user can proceed to composing the music and the options are quite impressive. Adding full notes, halves, quarters, eights, ninths or 32nds is just a matter of clicking in the right place. The functionality of the program also includes creating tuplets and adding rests.

Even if the key of the music is set at the beginning it can be changed during the creation process. The application provides all the tools required to make notation the way you want it provided there is enough talent to drive you.


Finale NotePad seems like an easy solution for composers to make the music sheets, test the results and save them in a fitting format. It is so easy to use that even a beginner can try to work with it.

Finale NotePad was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 3rd, 2014
Finale NotePad - This is the main window of Finale NotePad where you are able to start composing your musicFinale NotePad - From the File menu you have the possibility to start a new project or open an existing oneFinale NotePad - If you want to edit your files, add measures and insert measure stacks, you can access the dedicated menuFinale NotePad - In this menu you can configure the MIDI setup, reassign the playback sounds and start the playbackFinale NotePad - From this menu you are able to choose to view the playback controls and the smart shape paletteFinale NotePad - If you want to configure the MIDI options such as device you can access this window

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