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An easy to use application that enables you to merge or combine several audio files into a single one, or convert them to other formats

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Free Merge MP3 is a lightweight and simple to use software, designed to help you join multiple audio files into a single track, with custom quality settings. It allows you to add the desired songs to the processing list and easily sort them in the order of rendering, then set the quality options and let the software merge the files.

Easy to use audio editor

Free Merge MP3 can easily combine two or more audio files into a single track, but it can also convert songs to different formats and quality settings. The software is easy to use and does not require advanced audio editing skills. Simply load the desired files into the list, then arrange them by dragging the selection higher up or lower down. The files are rendered in the output file in the exact order they are set in the list.

Before processing the list, you can select the output format, by choosing it from the supported file types: MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA. You may easily add or remove files from the list or clear all the items and start anew.

Audio convertor and editor

Aside from merging multiple files into a single track, Free Merge MP3 can also convert the songs from one audio format to another. You need to select the desired format and click Convert. The software can batch convert the files, with or without merging them together.

The application is suitable for creating long audio mixes, for uninterrupted play time, instead of composing a playlist, for instance. You may also set quality options, output file size, audio channels and bit rate. The software allows you to choose between a constant or a variable bit rate and set the minimum, maximum and average values, from 32 up to 320 KB per second.

Reliable audio editor and joiner

Free Merge MP3 enables you to create audio compilations at high quality, that you can play on your computer, on remote devices or burn on a CD. You may set the quality and compression levels, leaning towards better sound and larger file size or smaller size and lesser audio quality. The software can process the files in a short time and allows you to view the evolution with the help of the progress bar.

Free Merge MP3 was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 12th, 2015
Free Merge MP3 - Free Merge MP3 is a reliable application that enables you to combine multiple audio files, in order to create a single track.Free Merge MP3 - The software supports merging multiple songs into one, but it can also batch convert the loaded files to the desired format.Free Merge MP3 - The software enables you to set the quality options for the output file, by choosing a constant or variable bit rate.Free Merge MP3 - screenshot #4

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