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A lightweight application capable of reading any piece of text in the English language and turn it into speech, then save it as an audio file on your computer

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Free Text to Speach is a witty simple to use tool that enables you to turn any text in English into speech. Just type in the text and let the software speak it out loud.

Simple reader

The software can actually read a text out loud, including names, numbers and URLs, as long as they are in the English language. You can type in as many words and sentences as you like, or load lines from a notepad or other text file.

The application can extract text from common files, such as notepad, as well as from other formats, including RTF, WPS, specific to Works 6 or 7, Windows Write files or WordPerfect documents.

Text to audio

The application can read a text, no matter how long it is, and render it for you to listen or to save to your computer as a WAV file. You can easily adjust the volume and the speed of the speech, for a better understanding.

The voice used by Free Text to Speach is the standard voice female from Windows, with neutral accent. The voice settings are fixed, so it cannot be changed, except for volume and speed.

Speaking out loud

Free Text to Speach can render any text you type in or import, for you to listen or use as dictation. Load a course or lecture, in written format and listen to it while you do something else. You can play and pause he speech at any moment.

The software can save the speech as an audio file, namely a WAV format, so that you can play it in other programs at any time, share it with friends or publish it online.


Free Text to Speach can be an educational application, since it pronounces words and sentences in a clear, neutral English accent. It can be used as a dictation tool in schools, as a spelling instrument or as practice assistant for those with speech impediments.

Free Text to Speach was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 30th, 2014
Free Text to Speach - The application can transform any text in English language to speech, with adjustable speed and volume.

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