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A creative and fun to use application that allows you to seamlessly tune the chords of an ukulele to various pitches and frequencies

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Finding the best attunement for a chord instrument, such as the ukulele, is a process usually based on trial and error, as you need to tune in the chords and test the sound they produce.

With the help of FreeUkuleleTuner, this can all be done interactively. This fun piece of software allows you to virtually tune the chords of a ukulele to various pitches and frequencies.

Creative tool for ukulele attunement

The program provides you with a fun and interactive way to tune in the chords of an ukulele, by choosing the appropriate pitch. By doing so, you can slightly change the way an ukulele is played, as different frequencies will play slightly different sounds.

Furthermore, the application plays a sound whenever clicking on each chord, similar to how a real ukulele would sound. This way, you can try to hear and notice each sound difference that occurs whenever you change the pitch of each chord.

Interactive pitch changer for ukulele chords

FreeUkuleleTuner helps you tune the chords on a ukulele to various pitches, providing you with a repeat button which allows you to replay a chord as long as you want. This proves to be a simple,yet helpful feature, as you can click on a chord and listen to the difference between pitches without having to repeatedly click on a chord.

In addition, the program is very easy to use, for both musical newcomers and ukulele specialists, as all the chords and pitches are displayed on the main screen.

An overall good, yet refinable ukulele tuner

All in all, FreeUkuleleTuner is ideal for those who seek an interactive way of tuning a virtual ukulele to various pitches and hear how they sound. Although mainly intended for mobile phone use, the desktop version of the program could be improved by mapping the 4 chords to certain keystrokes, to avoid having to use the mouse to quickly play chords.

FreeUkuleleTuner was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 13th, 2014
FreeUkuleleTuner - FreeUkuleleTuner allows you to quickly tune the chords of an ukulele at various pitches.FreeUkuleleTuner - You can select the pitch of each chord and set it at various frequencies in just a couple of clicks.

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