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A highly comprehensive piece of software that is created to help you fine tune your guitar strings using a microphone and nothing else

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GTuner is a lightweight digital tool designed to help you tune your guitar in a few simple steps. It’s created to offer assistance to both beginners and experienced guitar players in any situation.

User-friendly interface

Right from the start, GTuner is an application that doesn’t require a vast amount of knowledge to be able to use it. After a simple and quick installation process that is overlooked by the classic wizard instance, the application is ready to be used.

When run, it brings up a small window from where you can choose the string you want to tune using the built-in frequency analyzer.There are no complicated settings to go through as everything you need to tune your guitar is the instrument, a decent microphone and this application installed on your computer.

Easily tune your guitar

Each musical note that can be played on a guitar has a certain frequency and using a microphone, GTuner identifies the string you play and displays it on screen along with a visual representation of how out of tune it is.

The latter allows you to figure out whether the string is too loose or if it needs to be tightened. To see which it is, the application provides a graphical indicator which consists of multiple bars that create the shape of a pyramid. If you play a chord and GTuner highlights the middle bar, then it is in tune, otherwise, you need to slightly tune the string.


To wrap it up, GTuner is not a high-end application but if you’re looking to simply tune your guitar in a simple and straightforward manner, then you can certainly give it a try.

GTuner was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 8th, 2014
GTuner - With the help of this application users will have the possibility to tune their guitar.

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