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This MIDI generating guitar simulator will help you improve your sense of music and your skills.





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Guitar Simulator uses MIDI to generate music like a guitar by letting you make chords and pick patterns then mixing them together. This program can output MIDI files and supports 8 separate mixable tracks.

Keep in mind that this application is in development stage and IS buggy (it doesn't want to close sometimes), but aside from that it makes good sounds.


■ Nag screen
Last updated on April 13th, 2008
Guitar Simulator - This is the main window of Guitar Simulator where you can adjust the guitar status, specify the picks and select the instrument.Guitar Simulator - Guitar Simulator allows you to choose the keyboard play mode input according to your preferences.Guitar Simulator - The Joystick Mapping section of Guitar Simulator is the place where you can configure the frets, the chords and the picks.

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