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Musical keyboard with 36 keys made for Microsoft Windows operating systems to help users practice piano playing right on their computer

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HS Virtual Piano is a very simple application supposed to turn a regular computer keyboard into a virtual piano, thus allowing you to play the instrument without even moving away from the desk.

Simple-to-use app with clear-cut options

You won't find the application too difficult to use and this only happens thanks to the simple interface. It's not too modern though, but it shows all the key labels, so that you will see the keyboard shortcuts without the need of opening another window.

Work with multiple channels to create music

There's also an option to choose from several channels, which are basically different instruments that let you create multiple sounds using the same aforementioned keys.

Although it may seem pretty easy to use, HS Virtual Piano has so many options that it may very well target more advanced users. Beginners are likely to spend some time setting up the application, and chances are they will have to look into the help menu. Fortunately, the tool has comprehensive documentation that includes screenshots and detailed explanations.

One of the good things about the app is that it comes with an option to help you change the keyboard configuration. Plus, it is undemanding when it comes to computer resources, since it runs on low CPU and memory, so you can run it smoothly on older computers as well.


All in all, HS Virtual Piano is a pretty decent tool that can prove quite handy for anyone looking for a means of practicing playing the piano. However, it has not been updated for a long time and it may not meet the current requirements of some users.

HS Virtual Piano was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 24th, 2014
HS Virtual Piano - In the main window of HS Virtual Piano you will be able to select the musical channels that you want to use.HS Virtual Piano - From the main menu window of HS Virtual Piano you will be able to refresh the virtual piano .

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