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A lightweight and user-friendly software utility created to help you join together two or more OGG audio files, obtaining a single song

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Join Multiple OGG Files Into One Software is a simple application which aims to assist you in merging OGG music files into a unique song, which you can use to listen to a piece you like on loop, for instance.

Basic and straight-forward appearance

The program’s interface is not at all uncommon, as it brings together the features you have gotten used to when working with similar tools.

The main window lets you add the targeted items, whereas in the lower part of the screen, you can select the preferred destination folder.

Swiftly append your OGG files into a single song

To merge several Vorbis files, you first need to add them into Join Multiple OGG Files Into One Software, either by drag and dropping them onto the surface of the its window or by browsing through your PC and locating the items you need, then opening them in the utility.

Using your mouse cursor, you can drag the songs into the order you want them to be combined, or you can resort to the ‘Move Up’ and ‘Move Down’ buttons to do it, to the same end result.

You do not have the option of removing a single item from the list, so if you happen to load an OGG that you do not need, you will have to press the ‘Clear List’ button, then re-add the files. You can also pick the preferred save location, then click on ‘Start Joining’ to begin the process.

However, the file order and the destination directory represent the maximum extent of customization allowed, meaning that you will need to accept the default settings, not being able to even change the output name, as it is automatically exported as ‘Joined.ogg’.

A simple tool to combine several OGG files in a preferred order

To sum it up, Join Multiple OGG Files Into One Software is a handy albeit very inflexible application that can help you merge Vorbis format files into single items, working in a streamlined fashion to save you time.

Join Multiple OGG Files Into One Software was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
Join Multiple OGG Files Into One Software - Join Multiple OGG Files Into One Software is a handy utility meant to help you merge OGG songs

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