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A cross-platform application that downloads lyrics from the Internet for any song you want, enabling you to save them to a plain text file on your hard disk

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You can easily figure out what an application such as Lyric Grabber does just by reading its name. Its purpose is to provide you with a simple and fast way to find lyrics for your favorite songs, which can really come in handy during karaoke sessions.

Cross-platform support and straightforward looks

Written in Python, the application is compatible with all the major platforms and is deployed within a lightweight package, so as to leave a small footprint on your system.

In the attempt to keep things as simple as possible, the application's interface focuses on ease of use. As such, it displays all the available options in an organized manner within a single window with a minimalistic look.

Ease of use and export possibilities

As for the usage, the intuitive options and the forthlight look make it a pleasure to work with. Your only task is to fill in the name of the artist and the desired song. When pressing the 'Grab' button, the application looks for a match online and in an instant it displays the lyrics within its main window.

The text can be easily copied to the clipboard, but there is an additional option that enables you to save them directly to a plain text file on your computer.

Your own search tool for lyrics

Lyric Grabber can help you find and fetch lyrics faster and easier, without having to look them up online using a search engine. You can use it to grab lyrics for virtually any song you like and save the output to a text file to enrich your lyrics catalog.

Lyric Grabber was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on May 25th, 2014
Lyric Grabber - You can use Lyric Grabber to view the lyrics of virtually any song you want and save them to a text file.

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