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A handy MIDI utility that can help you connect all your devices and controllers to software on your computer so you can create music

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MIDI-OX is an old-school tool that was created in order to provide a simple means of mapping and filtering MIDI data streams. It allows you to view incoming MIDI streams and connects them with the MIDI driver.

Even though its development ended with Windows XP compatibility, the application still looks good by today’s standards. The interface layout can be considered user-friendly and all its main functions are easily accessible from a top toolbar.

The best part about MIDI-OX is that it can help you link your MIDI devices to software that is used for music productions. This way, you get to use the analog device and record the sound into the audio application.

MIDI-OX displays a comprehensive interface but its use is no walk in the park. There is a certain degree of knowledge that you need to have and bring if you’re to use the application at its full potential. The tool provides an instrument panel, NRPN calculator, MTC transport, MIDI sync, SysEx, MIDI status and monitoring.

The application automatically recognizes and attaches the devices. It offers you a manager for your MIDI controllers that shows you MIDI inputs and outputs, port mapping and port map objects. You get to add filters, access patch napping and choose file associations such as SYX, OXM, TXM, PMI and MID.

MIDI-OX also provides a data mapping function that allows you to transform the MIDI signals. The mapping is made up of an input filter specification and the output map. Moreover,

you are able to use your keyboard to play. Using certain keys, you can play chorus, change the key and play arpeggios.

In closing, MIDI-OX may be a bit old to face similar applications but it still offers a solid and reliable platform which you can use to connect MIDI devices to your computer, configure them and create music.

MIDI-OX was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 23rd, 2013
MIDI-OX - The main window of MIDI-OX enables you to select the action to perform.MIDI-OX - The View menu will help you check out the device info.MIDI-OX - To play the MIDI you will use the Actions menu.MIDI-OX - screenshot #4MIDI-OX - screenshot #5MIDI-OX - screenshot #6MIDI-OX - screenshot #7

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