MIDI Pianist LE

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An easy to use software solution especially designed to help users learn music reading, as well as practice and test their skills





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MIDI Pianist LE is an application dedicated to the study of music reading. It features a learning and a testing mode, with many levels for beginners and advanced users as well.

The study and exam modes will make it possible for everyone to learn how to read music sheets and then put their newly acquired knowledge to the test. 
Last updated on February 11th, 2015
MIDI Pianist LE - MIDI Pianist LE comes with a simple interface you can use to study and test your skills in reading music sheets.MIDI Pianist LE - MIDI Pianist LE enables you to choose the desired type of clef you want to learn and practice.MIDI Pianist LE - MIDI Pianist LE offers several levels for each of the selected clefs and you can start the desired level from the dedicated area.MIDI Pianist LEMIDI Pianist LEMIDI Pianist LE

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