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A command line application that produces a note listing





MIDINOTE is a simple command line tool designed to produce a note listing.

Midi file format is not easy to read because there are different formats, many commands, variable length data, parallel tracks and separate note on and note off commands that make it difficult to find note matches.

For programs that only want to analyze notes I wrote this converter that exports note information into a simple text table where notes are already sorted by time and contain most important parameters

■ start and length in midi units and milliseconds
■ track (1-track count)
■ channel (1-16)
■ note value (0-127, where C4 middle C is 60 and A4 is 440Hz)
■ velocity (0-127)

This simplier form of midi notes can be used in a variety of applications like
score drawing, music and painting, lerning process of automatic composing,
comparing music pieces, music pattern matching.
Last updated on August 9th, 2007
MIDINOTE - The main window of MIDINOTE software where you will be able to view the command line syntax that you can use to produce a note listing.

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