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MP3 Master - you can manage mp3 files, and also you can search on the Internet, and download it by an integrated downloader





LanTing is the most famous handwriting artwork in China ancientry.

MP3 master is a highly performance computer software to manage mp3 music files.

In MP3 master you can not only manage you mp3 files, but also can search on the Internet, and download it by an integrated multithread downloader. MP3 master is a good assistant of manage a great deal of mp3, and a better helpmeet of you mp3 player.

Here are some key features of "MP3 Master":

■ Perfect file manage, support cut, copy, paste, rename operate and so on.
■ Easy to get mp3 files information, such as basic file info, MEPG info and tag info.
■ Quick local search. Search a song in 100 folders, about 1,700 mp3 files less than 10 seconds.
■ Support favorite, with this you can collect mp3 songs which you like, and you can find it quickly in the future.
■ Support .lrc format lyric file create, edit, and sync manage. When you copy a mp3 file which has a lyric file in the same folder, the lyric will be copy at the same time.
■ By the embed Mini player, you can listen songs.
■ Support Winamp player, you can play songs by Winamp or add songs to Winamp play queen, if you install it.
■ Embed most popular search engines, such as Yahoo, BaiDu( One of China popular search engine) and so on. With these search engines you can find out mp3 songs which you like quickly.
■ With tag editor, you can modify mp3 files tag info easily.


■ 10 days trial
Last updated on April 5th, 2007
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