MagicMusic 0.9.3 Beta

Allows you to create a playlist in a text file, then automatically searches each title it finds in the TXT on YouTube and plays the songs for you
MagicMusic - You can use the main window of MagicMusic in order to select the song you want to start with.
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MagicMusic is mainly intended for those users who enjoy browsing for music on the Internet rather than creating a playlist in an audio player. It implements an innovative concept that allows you to listen to your favorite songs without even having to search for them, leaving this task to your default web browser.

Your only job is to create a text file that can contain as many song titles as you want and then drag and drop the resulting TXT onto the main executable in Windows Explorer. This file will act as a playlist for MagicMusic, which automatically queries Google for each entry in the document and accesses the first YouTube URL that it finds using the default web browser. If a live performance video is available, it will choose it instead.

Once the program identifies the playlist file, you are prompted to choose the song you want it to start with. Thus, the first text record doesn't have to necessarily be the initial searched song.

The browser window is automatically minimized to the taskbar, in the attempt to avoid interfering with your work. The application is also sent to the system tray, enbaling you to access its options using the context menu, which displays the title of the previous, current and next song, along with options for jumping back and forth throughout the playlist. Additionally, you can set it to shuffle the playlist or repeat it.

One major drawback is that MagicMusic requires an entire browser window to function properly and cannot be assigned a tab to fullfill its tasks. Actually, if a new tab is opened next to the YouTube one, the application displays an error, advising you to open a whole new browser instance, rather than a tab. Since it uses the default browser set by the system, this can be quite an inconvenient, especially if you want to navigate online while listening to music.

MagicMusic enables you to create playlists and listen to music without having to download files or use an audio player. While it failed to find the correct video for songs with very short names, it correctly found the desired YouTube links in most cases.

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Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8 64 bit
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2 Screenshots
MagicMusic - MagicMusic runs silently in the system tray, enabling you to repeat the playlist, change the song or jump to the next one.

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MagicMusic is a small utility that can automatically perform online searches to find and play your favorite songs on Y...

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