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Finding and downloading free music is already a very difficult task, especially because you also need to stay on the legal side, but that’s exactly the kind of issue Music MP3 Get Basic tries to tackle.

The program has been designed to serve as a very intuitive solution for legally downloading music from the Internet, offering users a bunch of very effective tools.

The design of the interface is not outstanding, but it does its job and lets you input a search term and get information on the displayed results.

Each song comes with a title, length, popularity and a download link, but it’s more important to mention that Music MP3 Get Basic also allows users to listen to the actual file before downloading it.

A more advanced search mode is also available, this time allowing you to input artist, title, album and edition, instead of a simple keyword as compared to the standard search.

Categories are also available to browse songs of a certain genre, while the “Hot Songs” screen displays the latest hits.

Once you hit the download button of any song, you are prompted to choose a file name, a save location, bitrate, title, artist and album. It then all depends on your Internet connection, but the faster it is, the quicker the download is completed.

The program however freezes for a few seconds on Windows 7 every time a download comes to an end, while everything works smoothly on Windows XP.

Overall, Music MP3 Get Basic is indeed a simple way to download free music from the Internet, with the help of a straightforward interface and minimum configuration options.

Music MP3 Get Basic was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 4th, 2012
Music MP3 Get Basic - Music MP3 Get Basic will help you quickly and easily download free music from social websitesMusic MP3 Get Basic - Users will be able to access options such as BBC Radio 1 Official UK Chart or Billboard Chart Hot 100 from the Hot Songs tabMusic MP3 Get Basic - The Categories tab will provide users with Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop, R&B & Soul, Blues, Country & Folk, Electronic, Jazz, World Music or ReligiousMusic MP3 Get BasicMusic MP3 Get BasicMusic MP3 Get BasicMusic MP3 Get Basic

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