Musical Keyboard

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Turn your computer keyboard into virtually any musical instrument.





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The Musical Keyboard application will allow you to transform the keyboard into any musical instrument. You'll hear music when you press the keys or click the mouse. Choose any of 127 instruments.

A great program for playing practical jokes: start the program and hide its window. Then ask a friend to help you fix a problem with your computer: watch their surprised face when they start tapping away on the keys! 

How to use this program:
- Start the program.
- Button "Run" for begin.
- Buttons "Stop" and "All Off" is available after pressing the button "Run".
- Button "Run" is available after pressing the button "Stop". 
- Button "Stop" for the stop of the program. 
- Button "All Off" for all beeps is off. 
- Button "Hide" for the hide window of the program. 
- Button "About" for about of the program.  
- Button "Close" for exit from the program.
- For show of the hide window of the program click the left button of the mouse on an icon in tray.
Last updated on December 11th, 2010
Musical Keyboard - Start the program. You will see look a picture below:Musical Keyboard - Keymap Designer window of Musical Keyboard

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