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An easy to handle oscilloscope rendering and audio tuner listening application that uses external sound signals to determine the frequency response of the soundcard

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Musical Tuner is a simple tool dedicated to determining the frequency response of your sound card. It can be used as a frequency counter, with practical use in tuning musical instruments.

The application can evaluate the frequency of audio signals processed by your system's soundcard, measuring the output spectrum and displaying the calculated frequency on the screen. The oscilloscope shows an intelligible graphical representation, based on the data received from the soundcard at frequencies of minimum 20kHz.

Musical Tuner can analyze the audio input coming from external sources (which means that your computer needs to be equipped with a microphone, in order for the application to work properly) and split it into multiple pieces. The fixed reference frequency is 440.0 Hz, having the 'A' note assigned to it.

Using the application is very easy, since your only task is to press the 'Start' button. Once you do so, the recorded signals are processed and Musical Tuner determines the number of complete wave cycles.

The identified audio frequency is displayed within the main window, along with the currently played note. If the application is unable to capture the sound from various reasons (such as a very low volume, electrical interferences or harmonics, fluctuating sound and so on), the display stays dim. On the contrary, if the volume is considered too loud, the color of the frequency turns to red.

The simplicity of the program is also reflected by the user interface. The GUI only consists of a single window where all the options are displayed, not that there are many to deal with.

Musical Tuner can be of use for testing the capabilities of your soundcard. However, it could use some improvements, considering that contaminated signals affect its functioning.

Musical Tuner was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on January 15th, 2014
Musical Tuner - Musical Tuner is a useful frequency counter that also displays the signal in oscilloscopic view.

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