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A free viewer for NoteWorthy Composer (.nwc) files

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In the music world, computers can greatly enhance production, editing, and quality. Dozens of applications can be used, and are available to everyone, form the rebellious teenager to the most advanced artists. But it is not only buttons and colors through which you can visualize work, musical notes should not be forgotten.

Simple way to view audio works of art

This is an application designed to view and print out songs created with NoteWorthy Composer. In depth view of the audio files are shown, played for closer analysis. Everything needed to know is shown, including what plays what.

Additional information can be viewed regarding the song and author, like copyright notices, and anything else there is to know in a comments section.

Can be used by anybody

NoteWorthy Composer Viewer might come in handy especially if you want to learn to play an instrument by notes. You can chose to play the current opened document and try and keep up, for better practice, or print it on a piece of paper to store and take it anywhere with you, in case no computer is available.

In terms of resource usage, you need not worry, for this is a lightweight application and can run on almost any machine. Visuals are kept to a minimum, with its black text on a white background, making it a suitable choice of colors for your eyes to stay relaxed and your mind focused on the task.

To end with

NoteWorthy Composer Viewer offers in depth detail for analysis of songs from various artists, making it also a reliable teacher in case you want to learn the text behind the sound. The possibility to play the given file makes it accessible, and understandable even for rookies, so nobody will feel left aside.

NoteWorthy Composer Viewer was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on March 31st, 2014
NoteWorthy Composer Viewer - The main window of NoteWorthy Composer Viewer lets you select the file to be processedNoteWorthy Composer Viewer - Tools tab menu window of NoteWorthy Composer ViewerNoteWorthy Composer Viewer - The Options window of NoteWorthy Composer Viewer

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