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A fun and creative application that allows you to learn the musical notes and their corresponding positions on various fretboards

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Learning to play an instrument is no easy task, and it cannot simply be learned with a lot of study and no practice. Because anyone that plays an instrument has its own style, it is quite difficult to learn from them without trying to develop your own play style.

NotesFinderLite allows you to study the music sheet associated to the available notes on various chord instruments’ fretboards, in order to learn notation positioning and chord placement.

Creative chord instrument trainer

The application provides you with an interactive way of studying various musical chord instruments, by displaying the positions of notations on a music sheet, whenever you hover above it. Additionally, the positioning of a note is also highlighted on the instrument’s fretboard. As it works vice versa too, you are able to find out chord and sheet positioning by placing your mouse on any of them.

On top of this, the program plays the corresponding sound of a music note whenever it is being clicked on, as if it was played from the real instrument.

Reliable chord and musical instrument skill tester

NotesFinderLite can help you test your knowledge on music notations and their instrument fretboard placement with ease. By highlighting a certain note on the chords and letting you choose its name, you are testing your memory skills regarding musical sheets and notations.

Each answer, regardless of right or wrong, is being registered, as the program displays essential statistics about your performances.

An overall fun virtual music teacher

To sum it up, NotesFinderLite offers you the possibility to master several chord instruments, by learning their music sheets and fretboard placements. Because it was intended to be used as a mobile phone app, the program lacks several features that would make it suitable for computer use, such as mapping each musical note to a keystroke.

NotesFinderLite was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
NotesFinderLite - NotesFinderLite allows you to study the position of various musical notes on the fretboard of certain chord instruments.NotesFinderLite - You can test your skills by identifying the correct musical note highlighted on the instrument's fretboard.

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