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Generate ultrasonic sound to repel mosquitoes

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PenyuBuzz is a simple application designed to generate an ultrasonic sound with the purpose to repel insects and mosquitos.

Simple interface

Being a very simple application, the graphic user interface of PenyuBuzz is also primal and with few options for the user.

The layout consists from the window with the main Start button and a menu with a few settings that can be hidden when it is not needed.

Various intensity tones

PenyuBuzz comes with more than one insect-repellant sounds. There is a low tone sound, a medium and a high tone one. Also, you can play a random song.

Although, by being ultrasonic tones, you will not be able to hear any of them, but hopefully, the insects will.

You can choose for how long the insect-repellant sounds should be played for, and when you decide, all you have to do is to press the Start button.

Theoretical functionality

Although many scientists have came out with theoretical studies about the ability to repel insects and mosquitos with only sound, there is no scientific evidence that PenyuBuzz would work.

Since the alternative consists in the use of chemicals, there is no danger in trying out this harmless piece of software.

What PenyuBuzz actually does is to generate ultrasonic sounds between the range of 16 to 20 KHz, sounds inaudible by humans, but possibly very annoying to mosquitos and insects.

PenyuBuzz seems to be a virtual solution for either using a real ultrasonic generator device or for using chemical insect repellants, which can not be good for humans' health either.


Being a very low resource impact application, PenyuBuzz might be a very useful piece of software designed to generate ultrasonic sounds in order to repel insects and mosquitos. The program is a peaceful and green alternative to dangerous chemicals.

PenyuBuzz was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on March 17th, 2014
PenyuBuzz - From the main window of PenyuBuzz you'll be able to choose the duration and the repellent song.

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