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Use a virtual piano keyboard in order to learn the musical note layout and the key combinations you need to press to play a certain chord or scale

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Piano Chords is a tool dedicated to music aficionados who intend on learning how to play the piano. It can assume the role of a tutor that shows you how to play a certain chord, except that the teaching instrument is a virtual keyboard and not a real one.

Ease of use is definitely one of the main characteristics of this application, since all the features are neatly comprised within a single window. The keyboard occupies most of the interface, which includes additional options for choosing the desired key tone, the chord and the scale.

The advantage of the application is that the selected note is graphically displayed on the keyboard, providing a way to make use of your visual memory to remember the required key combinations when playing a real piano.

Piano Chords includes all the important chords (major, minor, dominant etc.) and scales (harmonic, melodic, pentatonic, ionian, dorian and so on) and allows you to enter formulas to play as notes, numbers or scales.

It can flatten or sharpen notes and reproduce scales with a custom number of steps. You can set it to play the sound right after a new scale / chord is selected or invert the chords with the push of a button.

Piano Chords is a virtual piano keyboard that enables you to hear how a key tone sounds like and view the corresponding combinations of chords and scales on the screen. For those with a bit of experience in the music field, using the application is a breeze, while beginners can make use of the extensive documentation to learn how each option works.

Piano Chords was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 11th, 2015
Piano Chords - The application's main window allows you to create combinations of notes, chords, and tonesPiano Chords - The Extras menu allows you to change the interface language and to check for software updates

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