PimpBot Compiler

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A fast and seamlessly easy to use wizard application that helps users create Winamp plugin installers in just a few simple steps





PimpBot Compiler allows you to develop Winamp plugin installers by specifying the one used, along with other preferences, such as splash screen and sounds.

PimpBot is a frontend for Nullsoft Installation System (NSIS), hence PimpBot requires a valid installation of NSIS.

Additional NSIS plugins are provided by the PimpBot installer, these might not always be the latest version.

Last updated on April 19th, 2014
PimpBot Compiler - The application allows you to seamlessly create installers for various Winamp plugins.PimpBot Compiler - You can specify the name of your installer and the plugin file that will be used for the installation pack.PimpBot Compiler - Splash screens and sounds can be custom set for your installer, as well as a preferred icon.PimpBot CompilerPimpBot Compiler

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