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Small and simple tool lets you exercise drumming on your keyboard, with 28 different drum sounds that you can combine to compose your own songs

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Pyros's Keyboard Drums is an entertaining application designed to provide a virtual drum player which can be tackled using keyboard controls. The application targets amateur music lovers, as well as professional music players who want to improve their skills using the set of sounds included in its resources.

Clear-cut drums player for all user levels

It stands out as a straightforward application built with a single purpose in mind: offering a virtual simulator for playing the drums. In other words, there’s no other catch to it, no twist, no complementary functionality attached.

The software market does offer plenty of similar software, which on top of the drum exercising part, also provides audio recording and editing features - priceless for a professional musician or composer.

However, this is not the case of Pyros's Keyboard Drums. Put differently, before you try it, you should lower your expectations, although there are some perks that can be acknowledged only if you experience with it.

Experiment with the keyboard to trigger real-life drum sounds

The most obvious advantage is that by relying on the keyboard, exercising an entire song, for instance, would become a challenge and your dexterity could greatly improve, as a consequence.

For someone who’s never played the drums before, Pyros's Keyboard Drums will turn out to be an entertaining activity. The notes that it plays once the assigned keys are pressed resemble real drum sounds.

Redefine the hotkeys and sound names

Furthermore, all the keys are customizable and the sound names as well. By default, they are called Drum, Hat and Bass or Long Duration Hat, but you can rename them according to your preferences. In order to make the experience more comfortable, you can assign different keys to the sounds, so as to set up a keyboard scenario that would match a certain song, for example.

Alternate purposes

By using an external application, it is possible to capture your creations and later make ringtones out of the output files. If you want to take it to the next level, you can tune the compositions with an audio editor for even more impressive results. Otherwise, you can just have fun playing drums.

Unfortunately, the program has not been updated for a long time and it seems to be abandoned.

Pyros's Keyboard Drums was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 23rd, 2014
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