RAL / Realtime Analyzer Light

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Measure acoustics without carrying extra test equipment.





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This is the latest version as of January 2003. This version program includes all features the DSSF3 has as of January 30, 2003. (The DSSF3 is our best sound measurement/analysis software and has been frequently updated.)Quality sound measurement software equivalent to at least US$10,000 hardware.The software license of RAL costs just US$24, but RAL is more functional than the usual FFT analyzer. General realtime measurement function is entirely included.

RAL / Realtime Analyzer Light is a software that helps you measure acoustics.

It has the signal generator and FFT analyzer for supervising distortion of the frequency characteristic, a S/N ratio, and a volume level. It can be used broadly from a home audio, and a car audio to a concert hall.
Function list Signal generator Peak level meter Power spectrum 1/3 octave analysis 3D graph (TEF) Oscilloscope


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Last updated on December 12th, 2005
RAL / Realtime Analyzer LightRAL / Realtime Analyzer LightRAL / Realtime Analyzer Light

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