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Make your own ringtones from your favorite songs free for your cell.

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Ringtone Ripper is a freeware Windows tool designed to help you create ringtones for your mobile phones using the songs stored on your computer as a source.

One of the aces up its sleeve is definitely the interface that is quite well organized and gives you the power to take full advantage of all its features with minimum effort.

The main window is being used for selecting the source for the output ringtone file, which can be either an MP3 or a CD. Still, in both cases, Ringtone Ripper prompts you to provide the path to the audio file, but also customize the future ringtone.

There are two dedicated options, both displayed in the same window, which allow you to choose the beginning of the ringtone and its length, which is actually the number of seconds that must be extracted from the source file.

As you can see, Ringtone Ripper is more like an MP3 cutter and although the task of selecting the start and the end points isn't quite a breeze, it still does its job in a very fast manner.

Last but not least, Ringtone Ripper provides a simple feature to preview the generated MP3 file, along with a “Convert To Tone” button for creating the ringtone.

In case you don't find the interface of the app quite attractive, you can always change the default theme by picking a new one from the ten-skin database, with different color schemes for each of them.

Overall, Ringtone Ripper is a simple tool for cutting a certain part of an MP3 file, relying on a pleasant interface and minimum configuration options to serve its purpose.

Ringtone Ripper was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 14th, 2012
Ringtone Ripper - Ringtone Ripper's main window lets you select the audio file that you want to convert into a ringtone for your phone.Ringtone Ripper - The Settings window enables you to make the application automatically send the ringtones to your phone.Ringtone Ripper - The Change Theme menu allows you to select the preferred theme for the program from the ones provided.

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