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Using this application you can manage simplex and duplex repeaters, then record the received signals, which can be saved as WAVE files

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SIMPLEX is designed to help you create a radio repeater, featuring compatibility for both simplex and duplex channels. It can prove useful in performing modulation tests, supporting CW, SSB, FM, SSTV and other modes.

Handles both simple and duplex repeaters

The application features two operation modes, namely 'Simplex' and 'Duplex'. The first enables it to use the same frequency for transmitting and receiving signals, which means that the input signal is recorded and replayed by the application. As such, you can use it to turn your transceiver into a repeater.

When the 'Duplex' mode is activated, the application acts just like a standard repeater or transponder, allowing the transfer of signals on different frequencies, in the same or different bands, respectively.

Recording capabilities

Regardless of your choice, SIMPLEX can detect audio, radio and TCP/IP signals. Thanks to the simple interface layout, you can start the recording procedure in an instant and adjust the signal squelch and the silence interval.

There are various other configuration settings that you can experiment with. For instance, the application enables you to set the TX and RX delay or inhibit the left or the right channels. The set of pre-defined audio messages can ease your work.

You can also define the recording length and truncate its end. Recordings can be saved as WAV files on your computer for further processing.

An application fit for more experienced users

SIMPLEX can be use assistance in managing simplex or duplex repeaters, allowing the recording of audio and radio signals. Overall, it is easy to work with, but users might require a bit of experience with repeaters and transponders in order to understand the terminology and the functioning mode.

SIMPLEX was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 14th, 2015
SIMPLEX - SIMPLEX is a simple to use application for managing repeaters and allows you to record radio signals.SIMPLEX - From the File menu, you can change the length of the recording, then save it as a WAVE file.SIMPLEX - The application enables you to select the recording mode, choosing from simplex or duplex.SIMPLEX - screenshot #4SIMPLEX - screenshot #5SIMPLEX - screenshot #6SIMPLEX - screenshot #7SIMPLEX - screenshot #8SIMPLEX - screenshot #9SIMPLEX - screenshot #10SIMPLEX - screenshot #11

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