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A tool to help saxophone students and beginners in recognizing various fingering positions, learning note scales and enhancing their skills

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Sax Tutor is especially created for music aficionados that want to learn how to play the saxophone and practice at home. Alongside music books, it can complete your learning toolbox, providing the tools you need for mastering the basics and understanding the fingering chart.

This application can play the role of your home practicing tutor, showing you which keys to press in order to play a specific musical note. Its main window comprises graphical representations of the sax fingerings for each sound you choose, alongside a virtual keyboard that highlights the current note.

Sax Tutor can handle soprano, alto, tenor and baritone instruments, with sharpened or flattened sounds, visually displaying the note position on the musical staff. It allows you to load your own test patterns and can be of great use when it comes to stave reading and transposition.

In addition to this, it can be of assistance in teaching all the important scales, providing adjustable speed in order to adapt to your learning rhythm, as well as looping options to help you insist on scales you consider more difficult.

Sax Tutor features MIDI control, allowing you to manage all the channels and adjust the volume using a simple panel. Scales, notes, fingering and altissimo charts can be printed on paper directly from the application.

Sax Tutor is definitely worth having within reach if you are planning on learning sax playing. It allows you to practice playing and improving your skills. Mainly intended for novices who are just starting to play this instrument, it aids you in easily recognizing fingering positions and notes on a stave, guiding you like a real teacher in your way to becoming a professional musician.

Sax Tutor was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 11th, 2014
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