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An easy to manipulate audio recording application that features VOX control and allows setting a minimum signal level above which the recorder is activated

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Scanner Recorder, or in short, Scanrec is a user-friendly audio recording application intended for capturing conversations and any other input sound and save it locally to WAV format.

Using the application shouldn't be difficult for any user, since all the options are clear and accessible. The GUI is pretty simple and easy to get accustomed with, comprising a few configuration settings and control buttons, along with the waveform representation of the recording.

Starting a new session requires you to specify the compression format and the recording attributes. Scanner Recorder can record signals as pulse-code modulation (PCM) streams, Microsoft or IMA ADPCM (adaptive differential) or GSM signals, with different attributes regarding frequency, channel type and bitrate.

You can adjust the volume threshold and the silence delay. This allows you to set a minimum sound level that the application must hear in order to activate recording. Sounds above the squelch are displayed in orange, while the ones below the threshold are green. The VOX control function helps you save storage space when no sound is detected.

Scanner Recorder features DC offset correction and anti-clipping functionality, which means that it can be set to avoid clipping off the very beginning of a session, when the application might record a sound similar to squelching.

You can view the elapsed and the recording time within the main window, along with the remaining free storage space. All operations are logged to a text file for later reference.

Scanner Recorder can be used for recording practically anything from music and radio streams to dictated text. It is easy to configure and intuitive enough to have beginners use it without facing significant difficulties.

Scanner Recorder (Scanrec) was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 15th, 2014
Scanner Recorder (Scanrec) - In its main window, the application displays Time (Elapsed and Recorded) and Mono and Stereo Information along with the Options tab.Scanner Recorder (Scanrec) - When opening a file, the application will allow you to select compression format or PCM for no compression.Scanner Recorder (Scanrec) - In the Options Tab, the user can select the Squelch Settings, the AntiClipping Option and the Enable Tone option.

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