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This is a software application that enables users to run their karaoke shows with the help of their computers without any type of issues

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Silgos Karaoke Professional is a software program that was developed specifically in order for karaoke hosts (KJ) to run their shows without any type of issue, from their computer.

The interface of the application may look a bit complicated in the beginning, but seeing that it has been developed for professionals, it will actually be easy to use. In the world of karaoke, you have to work in a multi-screen environment, and therefore, the fact that the program opens up several windows on startup is actually useful.

The UI is quite modern and highly customizable. There are a lot of skins to choose from (“Black,” “Iconic Medium,” “Iconic large” etc.), the color of text bodies that appear can be changed in size, font and color, while text speed can be controlled.

Silgos Karaoke Professional enables you to add a singer announcement screen. Here, you can input the name of the person who is about to perform, the title and name of the artist, and extra text, like “Enjoy!”.

One thing that may be considered a drawback is the fact that if you are trying to load a song from a CD, your entire playlist and lineup of the people that are going to sing, will be lost.

In case a person wants to sing something that you do not have in your database, you should know that uploading a file from YouTube is possible in this app.

All in all, Silgos Karaoke Professional is a very useful piece of software if you happen to be a karaoke host. The program supports a multi-screen environment and enables you to easily manage playlists.

Siglos Karaoke Professional was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on May 18th, 2015
Siglos Karaoke Professional - Siglos Karaoke Professional will help you use your computer to smoothly run your karaoke shows anytime, anywhereSiglos Karaoke Professional - The File menu will provide users with a list of basic functions as well as options like Add singer / song or Song databaseSiglos Karaoke Professional - Users will be able to access options such as Add song from the database or CD Track within the Add Singer windowSiglos Karaoke Professional - screenshot #4Siglos Karaoke Professional - screenshot #5Siglos Karaoke Professional - screenshot #6Siglos Karaoke Professional - screenshot #7Siglos Karaoke Professional - screenshot #8Siglos Karaoke Professional - screenshot #9

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