Sonogram Visible Speech 4.0 Build 6904

A complex and intuitive application that allows you to analyze sound streams and perform various Fourier or wavelet transformations
Sonogram Visible Speech - Sonogram Visible Speech allows you to analyze sounds and recordings, providing you with advanced transformations and views.
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Sound analysis has come a long way, as nowadays you can view detailed charts with all of the individual audio streams at various frequencies that compose a whole file.

A reliable application that can help you in this matter is Sonogram Visible Speech. It allows you to scan and analyze any sound stream from your computer, providing you with advanced details about them.

In order to properly function, the application requires Java Runtime Environment and Java 3D installed on your computer.

Advanced and intuitive sound analysis system with comprehensive GUI layout

The program helps you analyse any sound streams, music or speech signals, performing various transformations and spectral studies on them. This way, you can optimize a sound file, by removing any noise or smoothing high-frequency signals, so that they better fit the overall audio stream.

Furthermore, the application provides you with advanced sound signal analysis, as you can view and study an audio file’s perspectogram, pitch, wavelet, cepstrum and auto-correlation charts.

Handy and dependable soundwave frequency analyzer that supports various transformations

Sonogram Visible Speech can provide you with advanced transformations and charts, based on various analysis algorithms, such as Fourier or Wigner-Ville-Distribution. By doing so, you are able to study the frequency and waveform of each sound signal and perform modifications to them, so that the output sound is smoothed and optimized.

One of the handiest features of the program allows you to view all the frequency and transformation charts at once, so that you can observe how each change affects different levels of the same sound signal.

A powerful and complex audio spectrum analyzer

As a conclusion, Sonogram Visible Speech provides a stable and robust environment for analyzing sound signals and audio spectrum transformations, giving you the chance to optimize any audio file to the smallest detail, whether it represents just a background noise or a heightened frequency pitch.

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Sonogram Visible Speech

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What's New in version 4.0
  • Sonogram supports the long-awaited Wigner-Ville-Distribution, which permits very deep user zooms into the Time and Frequency domains with an accuracy never before seen. Unlike the classic FFT, it can finally overcome the Quantum Mechanical equivalent of the Nyquist Sampling Theorem, the Time/Frequency Uncertainly Relation (Δt∙Δf≥SR/2). This Algorithm arises from the early days of the quantum mechanics where the classical mechanical world was adapted and bended to the quantum effects. Later the full quantum mechanic theory makes this algorithm needless. The core of the PSWVD algorithm (Pseudo-smoothed Wigner-Ville-Distribution) is massively parallelized, allowing it to take full advantage of modern multicore systems, just as Sonogram's FFT core algorithm did. In order to use the new UltraZOOM PSWVD function, you must first deeply zoom into the time-domain signal with your mouse, or manually select a small Time area. Because the zoom function is so intensive, it works only for very small signal chunks comprised of less than 32768 samples. If the selected area is small enough, the UltraZOOM PSWVD button will be highlighted with a border, enabling you to start the UltraZOOM.
  • Key improvements:
  • UltraZOOM function with the Viígner-Ville-Distribution, including an analyze window and rendering dialog with the 3D-Perspectogramm and PNG-Image export.
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21 Screenshots
Sonogram Visible Speech - By accessing the File menu, you can open a local or remote multimedia file or export your project as PNG, SVG or CSV files.Sonogram Visible Speech - From the Options menu, you can easily change the logarithmical amplitude or frequency displayed in the main window.Sonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible SpeechSonogram Visible Speech

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Sonogram Visible Speech is a powerful utility that was created to serve the needs of anyone who wishes to analyze visu...

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