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An analysis utility that was especially designed in order to process dual channel audio and perform a spectrum analysis on the spot

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Analyzing music tracks is a complex task that needs accurate tools in order to achieve the expected results, so not just any user can do it with ease. There is a more special kind of investigation, called spectrum analysis, which can be carried out with a program like Spectrogram.

Get detailed information from an unsophisticated interface

As soon as it is out of the package it comes in, the program will be ready to run, as it doesn't need to be installed on the system it is deployed on. This means that you will be able to use it on the go if you store it on a removable storage device and start it from there.

The main window is pretty clean and features a generous area for analyzing a specific file or an audio stream coming from a source connected to your sound card. With multiple choices for the cursor, to make selections more accurate, and the possibility to change the colors, Spectrogram can thus be customized to a limited extent.

Set the analysis parameters and get detailed info on the sound sample

This software allows you to record and analyze or scan in real time the input from any sound source. Each time you load a file or choose the input Spectrogram enables you to configure the settings.

Thus, it is possible to set a new sample rate, specify the beginning and the end of the sample, as well as pick the desired frequency scale, either linear or logarithmic. Further details like the frequency band or resolution, the time scale, channels and degree of attenuation (in decibels) can also be modified.

A versatile spectrum analyzer for stereo and mono sounds

All in all, Spectrogram can certainly be of great help for those interested in having a visual representation of sound frequencies from an audio track. The live recording feature is most welcomed and thanks to the decent feature pack that allows users to customize the analysis parameters, this tool could gain quite a few fans.

Spectrogram was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 3rd, 2014
Spectrogram - The main window of Spectrogram, where you will be able to open the Wav file that you want to analyze.Spectrogram - Wav file parameters window of Spectrogram is where you will be able to change the values to analyze.

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