A complex and reliable application designed to provide you with the proper tools to begin creating music, right from your computer

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StageLight - The main window of StageLight allows you to start a fresh project, creating a song from scratchStageLight - From the dedicated window, you can select the music type that you want to create, with several options to choose fromStageLight - You can make a hip hop beat, tweak drum sounds or work with the track inspectorStageLightStageLightStageLightStageLightStageLightStageLightStageLight
StageLight is a comprehensive and efficient software solution whose main purpose is to assist you in creating music on your PC, with the least amount of effort.

Following an uneventful installation process, you can launch the application from the shortcut that it places on your desktop. StageLight features a complex and intuitive interface, with numerous buttons and menus which you can use to create music.

The main window of the program allows you to use the 'Master Track', input the 'Quantize Record' preferences, enable the 'Metronome' or adjust the 'Tempo and Time' settings. You can also add tracks, either 'Audio', 'Instrument', 'Drum' tracks or the 'Step Sequencer', and you can insert effects (for instance 'SL Chorus', 'SL BitCrusher', 'SL Delay', 'SL Reverb', etc), or work with the 'Track Inspector'.

StageLight features several components, namely 'Drum Machine', 'Piano Roll' and 'Audio Editor', each their individual functions and features.

Using the 'Drum Machine', you can activate or deactivate the 'Loop' and modify its size. By selecting a cell and dragging it up and down the table, you can change the velocity, but you can even turn off certain cells. Also, you can hear individual sounds in a certain lane by clicking on them.

The 'Piano Roll' enables you to drag notes on the screen in order to move them, as well as transpose them up or down one octave or one semitone. You can 'Adjust Note Velocity', or quantize a specific note.

With the 'Audio Editor', you can record, play or stop a certain song, as well as activate or deactivate the loop. The provided tools allow you to 'Time Stretch Audio To Current BMP' or 'Adjust Gain of Audio Selection' from the assigned button.

To conclude, StageLight is an advanced application that can offer you reliable components and functions so you can create original music, in just a few simple moves.

StageLight was reviewed by , last updated on June 28th, 2014

Runs on: Windows 7 / 8

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