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An application that enables you to obtain speech from any text and output the result as an MP3, WAV or WMA file on your computer

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Having to personally read and record many pages of text can be very tiring and slow, especially if the text in question does not require any human input or improvisations.

For these kind of situations, a speech generator can come in handy to take care of the task in a matter of minutes, with minimal effort on your behalf.

Adjust the speed, volume and pitch of the speech

TextToWav is an application that enables you to transform large amounts of text into speech and export the result on your computer as audio files. You can enter as much text as you like into the designated area and choose whether to render it from start to finish, or just the selected portion. The voice type can be changed to include various accents and tones and you can tweak the output quality.

The quality can range in terms of frequency, from 8 kHz up and to 48 kHz, or you can choose between mono or stereo output and the desired sampling resolution. The sound can be improved even further by adjusting the pitch, speed and volume of the speech using the provided sliders.

Write the speech to an audio file and export it as MP3 or WMA

After you are finished with the sound adjustments and you are satisfied with the quality of the speech voice, the narration can be exported to an audio file on your computer. This enables you to listen to the text outside the application, using the media player of your choice, or send it to your friends over the Internet.

The output formats include uncompressed WAV files, MP3 documents with a customizable bitrate and quality level, as well as WMA files, which can be encoded using the Windows Media Audio codecs. You can also choose the bitrate and frequency level for the latter, which differ based on the audio codec used for the encoding.

Closing arguments

TextToWav is a compact but powerful application, especially useful if you are working with audio books and you require massive amounts of text transformed into speech. The extensive voice adjustments and various output formats make it a handy tool with enough features to satisfy every user category.

TextToWav was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 10th, 2014
TextToWav - You can enter the desired text into the main window of the application and control the speed, volume and pitch of the speech.TextToWav - The File menu enables you to export the audio file on your computer or speak the selected text.TextToWav - You can export the file as a WAV, MP3 or WMA document and you can choose the output bitrate.

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