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A creative and intuitive application that allows you to learn how to play the ukulele, by studying the music notes and their chord position

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Learning to play a chord instrument such as the ukulele requires quite some time to practice and a good knowledge about every position of the music notes on the fretboard. UkuleleChordsLite is a fun piece of software that allows you to study and learn the music notes, along with their chord positioning on an ukulele fretboard.

Reliable virtual music teacher

The application aids you in the attempt of learning how to play an ukulele, by displaying the musical notes, along with their positioning on the fretboard. Furthermore, it displays the correct hand position on an ukulele when playing a certain note, so that you can visually check and adjust your own style of holding the instrument.

Furthermore, UkuleleChordsLite plays the specific sound of a note as is it would be played from a real ukulele. This way, you are able to compare both the hand positioning and sound representation of a musical notation with your own playing style, and then correct it.

Intuitive music sheet creator

The program can help you build your own music compositions, by successively adding notes to a list similar to a music sheet. Additionally, you can easily edit it, by swapping notes or changing them completely, thus optimizing the final song.

On top of that, you are able to attune the application to match your voice tone, by transposing your compositions to higher or lower tonality. This way, you can harmoniously combine your musical compositions with your voice.

An overall fun ukulele trainer

To conclude, UkuleleChordsLite can help you learn how to play an ukulele, by studying its musical notes and their fretboard positioning. Although intended for mobile phone use, the application could be tweaked for computer use, by mapping each note to a keystroke. This would give some people the opportunity to play the ukulele using their keyboard.

UkuleleChordsLite was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 7th, 2014
UkuleleChordsLite - UkuleleChordsLite allows you to learn the placement of certain music notes on the ukulele fretboard.

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