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A simple to use and practical application crated to help you resynchronize the audio and video streams of a converted multimedia file

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Faulty file transfer causes sometimes a derailing of the media streams in a clip, which can be stressful for the watcher. Video Audio Sync Fixer is a simple application capable of solving the problem of synchronization between the audio and video streams in a movie.

Permanent solution to de-synchronization

Watching a movie or a clip with de-synchronized video and audio can be very stressful and re-calibration of the two streams is a painstaking process. Most video players enable you to apply a delay of the audio stream rendering, but that is far from being accurate and neither is it permanent.

Video Audio Sync Fixer is capable of fixing this problem. It enables you to delay the rendering of either the audio or video stream, an action that you can control with the slider or by typing in the value in the dedicated boxes. Thus you can control the delay by as little as the hundredth part of a second.

An audio-video balance

Moving the slider to the left causes an increasing delay of the sound, while moving it to the right, it delays the video stream. You can apply a maximum of 120 seconds of delay to each stream. The software also enables you to preview the result of the changes you operate.

Test fix or permanent change

The Test Fix button saves one minute of the modified movie as an MPG file, at the selected moment, in order for you to check if the synchronization is correct, without applying the changes to the entire file. You can select which minute of the movie to test by setting the navigation cursor on a certain point of the playback progression bar.

If you are satisfied with the modification, you may immediately proceed to fixing the entire video file. Clicking on the Fix button enables you to save the modified file to a certain location, as one of the supported file formats. This way, the software also acts as a video converter.


Video Audio Sync Fixer is a lightweight software solution to re-calibrating the audio and video streams within a video file, in order to synchronize sound with image. The application performs the synchronization in short time and it is capable of saving files without tampering with the audio or video quality.

Video Audio Sync Fixer was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 4th, 2014
Video Audio Sync Fixer - Video Audio Sync Fixer is capable of re-calibrating the audio or video stream of a movie, in order to synchronize them.

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