Virtual Midi Controller LE

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Accessible, small and easy-to-use general-purpose MIDI software utility that enables you operate your computer as a MIDI keyboard

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Playing and recording MIDI notes, as fun a task as it may seem, requires some dedicated instruments and devices to be connected and work together in order to obtain the best quality. Besides the hardware equipment that is needed for the job, a software counterpart must exist and when making your selection you may come across a tool called Virtual Midi Controller LE.

Through a rather nice interface that hosts all the functions of you will be able to connect this program with other similar software in order to record and edit the output. Insofar its looks are concerned, the only relevant drawback would be the small font used throughout the GUI.

There are several screens that can be activated and each of them offers its own particular type of input. For instance, the Output screen, enabled by pressing OUT, shows the MIDI keyboard and this one, in turn, can be further expanded to display the MIDI CC as well as the zone screens.

There is also a control screen which you can enable by hitting the CTRL button on the upper part of the GUI to reveal the fader, knob and edit controls. In case you are interested in having an instant feedback of all events, you can also use the display screen (DISP).

A very neat feature of Virtual Midi Controller LE is the global keyboard function. It can be turned on or off by pressing the K button on the right corner of the interface. What this particular tool actually does is send all the keyboard presses to the application as MIDI input, even if the focus is on another software's window.

All in all, Virtual Midi Controller LE manages to put up a good performance and its ease of use is enhanced by the built-in help system that can be set to display tips and explanations when the mouse cursor is hovered above any function.

Virtual Midi Controller LE was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on December 10th, 2013
Virtual Midi Controller LE - Virtual Midi Controller LE enables you to easily access all the controls and options.Virtual Midi Controller LE - The Virtual Midi Controller Setup window allows you to select the channel you want to use.Virtual Midi Controller LE - The Display tab allows you to activate / deactivate the 'Display Numbers' and 'Large Display Font' options.Virtual Midi Controller LE - You can easily select the Midi Outputs you want to use from the Virtual Midi Controller Setup window.

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