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A powerful application that combines a large variety of effect racks to turn your computer into a suitable bass effects processor

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Behind every audio masterpiece there is a powerful computer equipped with a large variety of sound editing and enhancement tools that make it as clean as possible. These can be specialized for specific instruments or as a general means of altering sound. As far as instruments are concerned, inTone | Bass Pro is dedicated to what the name suggests, representing a handful of racks that turn your computer into an effects processor.

Intuitive user interface

In case you are familiar with similar applications and you've managed to stumble upon inTone | Guitar Pro, you might want to know that there are only small differences, such as adjusted presets to make them suitable for bass rather than guitar.

The user interface is composed of a series of racks, each in its own compact window you can move around and position however you see fit. There is a main console that allows you to power on the whole workstation and adjust master volume, start a recording session and even manage playlists or load songs as backing acoustics.

Load preset effects or create your own

Each effects rack comes with its own list of presets dedicated to their purpose, for example the overdrive section letting you choose from cabinet, light, crunch or superdrive. These only affect the rack itself, with slightly noticeable differences from the default settings. However, the main station gives you the possibility to load full presets that bring up or remove other racks to switch your style to fuzz drive, bear in tunnel, double rock, old vibes and a lot more.

Thorough rack configuration options

What's more, the application comes equipped with an editor that lets you create custom configurations. This brings up a new window where you can select racks to bring on your desktop for two chains, set volume settings, as well as input and output device.

To end with

All in all, inTone | Bass Pro lives up to expectations and manages to deliver a large set of effects you can play with in order to enhance sound or get the desired pitch. An implemented recorder lets you save all efforts and customization options promise not to limit you from experimenting with knobs and sliders to get just the right sound.

inTone | Bass Pro was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 26th, 2014
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