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A user-friendly and reliable software solution that enables users to quickly download preview songs from the TrackItDown website

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When getting ready for a trip, there are numerous people who also prepare their music playlists, not only their luggage. This is why it would come in handy for them to get a preview of a certain album before purchasing it, thus making sure they will enjoy the music they spend their money on. An application called mp3 Grabber can help them in this situation.

Before running this software solution, users need to download and install .NET Framework 4.0, otherwise they will not be able to proceed with the installation of mp3 Grabber.

The application features an intuitive graphic interface and one needs to start by entering a keyword, then analyze the results matching the initial criteria, as found on the TrackItDown website.

Alternatively, users can directly paste the URL where the tracks they are interested in are listed, so that mp3 Grabber can analyze it and display the detected items. They need to be reviewed and each user can select the tracks they want to download to the PC.

It needs to be mentioned that the downloaded MP3 files are not the actual full tracks, but rather previews meant to help users decide if they want to purchase the song or not. One can typically listen to these previews online, but having them downloaded means they can be transferred to a portable device and listened to while on the go.

Users can set mp3 Grabber to automatically rename the downloaded tracks and move them to a chosen folder, thus saving a lot of time that would have been invested in sorting and organizing the songs.

All in all, the application can help all music enthusiasts discover new bands and albums they might even end up buying if they appreciate their music.

mp3 Grabber was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on November 23rd, 2013
mp3 Grabber - Access the search page and set the MP3 download folder from the main window.mp3 Grabber - The Options window found in mp3 Grabber lets you input the direct search URL.

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