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Play power hour (or century club) with iTunes or Winamp

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Although it is initially designed for keeping track of time and score in drinking games, you can use MyPowerHour to simply change the song in your player after a defined period of time. The application works with iTunes and Winamp.

Once you start the program, you have to press the 'Play' button in order to select the music player and the desired time length: 60 minutes for Power Hour, 100 minutes for Century Club or a user-defined amount of time.

After doing that, the program starts the countdown and changes the current song every minute, when the chronometer reaches zero. Moreover, you can permanently view the total amount of time passed, as well as the number of beers drank, if you dare play the game.

Moreover, when changing the song, the program can choose a sound file to play during the transition. These music files are randomly selected from a user-defined folder and you can select the transition duration. This can make the game a lot more fun, as you can hear cheering messages after every minute.

One other feature of myPowerHour is that it offers you the possibility to keep the game score: you can add as many players as you want, add their weight and sex, select from multiple different alcohol types and choose the shot size. Thus, with this application, you can track the amount drank during the game, making it easy to decide who the winner is.

If you’re into drinking games, this software app can help you keep the score. However, you can also use it to simply change the music in Winamp or iTunes. The transition sounds and the possibility to create player statistics are features designed to enrich the experience.

myPowerHour was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 23rd, 2012
myPowerHour - myPowerHour is an application that works with iTunes and Winamp to make playing Power Hour much easier.myPowerHour - Here is how you can change the time length and the media player for the application.myPowerHour - myPowerHour offers you the possibility to easily create player statistics in order to find out who won the game.myPowerHour - screenshot #4myPowerHour - screenshot #5myPowerHour - screenshot #6

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