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Streaming and incomplete file playback system including subtitle support

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Neuview Media Player in a program that you can use to play movies.

The interface of the program is simplistic, yet slightly unusual. We especially like how the menu is displayed.

You can get started by importing media into the player, by using the file browser or the "drag and drop" method.

So, you can use basic commands, such as play and resume, adjust the volume, navigate back and forth within the video, switch to full screen mode, as well as increase or decrease the speed of the track.

But you can also access the menu by hovering your mouse over the top left corner of the screen and enable playback at the end of the file (repeat, next or random file, stop).

In addition, you can get information on loading (low, medium, maximum, none), enable fast seek and wide zoom, change aspect ratio (e.g. anamorphic), select the stream source and the output.

Furthermore, you can set audio options regarding crossfade, beeping, the audio source and output (e.g. primary sound driver, speaker), as well as select the source and output of the text (Neuview Media Player also supports subtitles) and change system settings (“blit” method, video buffer, info).

The program uses a moderate amount of system resources and didn't pop up any errors during our tests. However, there is no help file available and you don't have access to some essential tools for media players, such as creating a playlist. We recommend you test Neuview Media Player for yourself.

neuview media player professional was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on February 7th, 2012
neuview media player professional - neuview media player professional will help you watch your favorite movies in superior Pixelfusion qualityneuview media player professional - Users will be able to access movie clip information and brightness / contrast / saturation or sharpness from the main window of the playerneuview media player professional - The main menu of the application will offer a list of options like playback, video, audio, text, system or presetsneuview media player professional - screenshot #4neuview media player professional - screenshot #5neuview media player professional - screenshot #6neuview media player professional - screenshot #7neuview media player professional - screenshot #8neuview media player professional - screenshot #9

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