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Rename tens of thousands of files by reading your ID3 tags to whichever naming convention you choose with only a few mouse clicks

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Keeping a collection of thousands of music files organized is not at all an easy task, especially when it comes to filenames and ID3 tags for every single file.

ID3 renamer promises to make the whole task a bit easier because it provides advanced tools to rename MP3 files and edit tags on the fly.

Although it's designed to be used by beginners and experienced users alike, some people may find its interface a bit overwhelming at first glance, mostly because features are not so well organized in the main window.

There are three tabs, Writing, Renaming and Special, and multiple features, such as remove diacritics, FreeDB searching, tag from filename, tag synchronizing, track padding and keep only checked fields in tag.

Of course, you can edit every single field manually, but the biggest problem is actually the way you pick the files to be edited.

ID3 renamer prompts you to input the path to the folder where all the songs reside, which means all files in the respective folder are going to be included in the process. You can skip modifying some of them, but only when you begin the editing process.

The renaming tag is what impressed us the most during our test because it can work based on multiple formulas and, obviously, on your preferences. There are also a few options available, such as to remove diacritics, make title case or replace some characters, but the most important thing remains the renaming formula.

ID3 renamer works fast without hampering computer performance at all, but keep in mind that you will be prompted to apply (or not) the modifications for every single audio file in the user defined folder.

So all in all, ID3 renamer is a good tool that does a decent job when it comes to managing music files that carry detailed information in the accompanying tags.

ID3 renamer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 1st, 2015
ID3 renamer - ID3 renamer will help you quickly and easily rename MP3 files and vice versa can also fill ID3 tagID3 renamer - The Renaming tab will provide users with Renaming formula or Rename folder optionsID3 renamer - Users will be able to access options like Generate M3U ylist, Export / Import from the Special tabID3 renamer - screenshot #4ID3 renamer - screenshot #5ID3 renamer - screenshot #6ID3 renamer - screenshot #7ID3 renamer - screenshot #8

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