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A lightweight, yet handy application that allows you to easily manage your music library and edit the specific tags of each song

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Some of the songs you downloaded at some point may have misleading or incorrect tags, which could inappropriately place your music files in your library.

Modern Audio Tagger is a crafty piece of software that can help you avoid such situations, by allowing you to edit each tag of your songs. In order to properly work, the application requires .Net Framework installed on your computer.

Quick and reliable music tag editor

The program allows you to edit the tags of your favorite songs, by changing the information regarding their title, name, artist, album or year. Furthermore, you can use the application to retrieve song information from various websites specialized in radio streaming.

Editing the tags of your songs can help you organize your music library, because correctly named and tagged audio files will fall under the same category they have in common, and not be scattered throughout your music directory.

Straightforward tool for batch tag editing

Modern Audio Tagger can batch edit your files, by retrieving supported audio files from any of your folders, then changing their title, track number, artist, genre, album, year and cover art. This way, similar songs can have their tags batch modified, then saved to a certain folder, specific for an artist or album, for example.

Aside from this, the application can be ran from Command Line. In addition, it also provides you with the necessary arguments when performing a certain task, meaning that people with little or no knowledge about the mechanics of Command Prompt will still be able to use it.

An overall good music tag editor

To conclude, Modern Audio Tagger offers you efficient and simple means of editing the tags of your music files. Support for Command Line arguments makes it particularly flexible, as it can be integrated with other applications that work with audio files.

Modern Audio Tagger was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on September 8th, 2014
Modern Audio Tagger - Modern Audio Tagger allows you to reorganize your music library and edit the tags of your songs.Modern Audio Tagger - By accessing the TAG AUTO section, you can instantly retrieve information about a certain song, such as title, artists or album.Modern Audio Tagger - While in the TAG MANUAL section, you can edit the title, artist or album tags of a specific song.Modern Audio Tagger - screenshot #4Modern Audio Tagger - screenshot #5Modern Audio Tagger - screenshot #6

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