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Cartoon Maker is a tool you can use to quickly edit an image. Despite of what its name might suggests, the application is not designed to create cartoons, but rather help you play a prank on a friend.

After a quick installation process, you can get acquainted to the user-friendly interface. There are few features found in Cartoon Maker, and they can be accessed from the Tools window.

Image effects are applied with a simple click-and-drag movement. You can use Distort to expand or shrink part of the image (in a spherical, vertical, or horizontal motion), or Twist to modify the photography (dextrorotary, levorotary, or smear). The cursor's curvature and radius of curvature are adjustable.

Additionally, you can crop or resize the picture, but you can also make an instant sketch of the entire image in pen (by adjusting pressure) or pencil (by adjusting contrast), after which you can use a tool to clear up spot, or a rubber.

Once your work is complete, save the image in the JPG, JPEG, BMP, WMF, EMF, or GIF format, print it directly, or mail it to a friend.

Cartoon Maker is not a complex program, but it offers quick solutions when it comes to fixing minor details of an image. Besides, the application uses a small amount of memory and resources.

Unfortunately, the online help page did not open in our case, but Cartoon Maker is pretty simple to learn from scratch. The application can help you edit images in a cool and funny way.

Cartoon Maker was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on November 26th, 2012
Cartoon Maker - The main window allows you to open the photo, picture, image you want to modify.Cartoon Maker - Tools window allows you to customize the Pen Pressure or the Pencil Contrast.

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