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A lightweight, yet powerful application which allows you to realistically view and animate most panoramic scenes and digital photos

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In order to better analyze panoramic scenes or digital photos, you need a reliable software solution that can render and display them. CodedColor PanoramaViewer is such an application, because it helps you render and display any panoramic digital photo, giving it a tridimensional look.

Intuitive and seamlessly easy to use panorama viewer

The program can help you analyze or create panoramic scenes using your images. Because these images are created by taking a succession of slightly different photos that are overlayed, controlling the camera view angle is crucial. With the help of the application, you can easily adjust the camera view angle of certain images, so that the image looks natural and it has no over-elongated parts.

Furthermore, you can also change the horizon angle of an image, another important aspect when dealing with panoramic photography. A large value for this angle can leave an image looking like it was taken with a fish-lens camera objective, making the picture look uncanny and unnatural. By slightly adjusting this angle, you can give your panoramic scenes a natural look.

Handy and reliable panorama generator

Thanks to antialiasing, CodedColor PanoramaViewer allows you to change the smoothness of sharp edges, so that your pictures are not obtrusive or too zoomed. Although this process takes time and computer resources, it nonetheless provides you with optimal results when it comes to panorama creation.

Aside from this, you have free control over the navigation camera, as you can increase or decrease the speed at which your image is scrolled.

A fun to use and powerful application for panorama analysis

As a conclusion, CodedColor PanoramaViewer can widen your view of panoramic photography, as it provides you with the tools necessary to generate panoramic scenes from the photos you provide the program with.

CodedColor PanoramaViewer was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 19th, 2014
CodedColor PanoramaViewer - CodedColor PanoramaViewer allows you to view and analyze panoramic digital photos.

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